As geopsychically wondrous as New Orleans is, it’s not exactly the most cutting edge of places; in fact, even in these days of instantaneous communication it sometimes takes ideas and trends a little longer to make their way down here than they do elsewhere. But although we might not be au courant, we do do things down here with a certain kind of panache.

So before you roll your eyes and say to yourself “Planking? That’s so 2008″ (or 1994 or 1997 or 2003, depending), let me point out that this isn’t just another silly planking video: it’s entirely shot in the scenic and historic French Quarter, for one, and the cinematography and editing practically raise it to the level of video art. (To say nothing about the fact that the guy in it spends most of the time face down on the sidewalk in Jackson Square and Bourbon Street. Surely you have to give him some kind of credit for that.)

YouTube video

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