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When Hyperallergic editor Hrag V. asked me to guest edit this site in his absence a few weeks ago and bring a little bit of the Crescent City to the Brooklyn-based blogazine scene, I thought it might be an uneasy fit: after all, as A.J. Liebling memorably said in “The Earl of Louisiana” (though perhaps most memorably in the intro to A Confederacy of Dunces), “New Orleans resembles Genoa or Marseilles, or Beirut or the Egyptian Alexandria more than it does New York.” I mean, your bars actually close up there! Talk about your strange customs.

But of course New Orleans and New York have a lot in common: they’re both singular places that are more like themselves than anywhere else, and places where the arts thrive to a degree that very few other cities can match. In the meantime, y’all (I can say “y’all”, right? I’ve lived here long enough) have made me feel most welcome, and I hope I managed to convey a little of what makes the landscape down here, artistic and otherwise, so special and unique. Thanks everyone!

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John d'Addario

John D’Addario is a veteran blogger (since 1996), adjunct professor of arts administration at the University of New Orleans, professional arts educator, photographer and man of the world. You can visit him at