First Shots Fired in 2012 US Presidential Street Art Battle

At Wythe & N6th (all photos by the author)

Let’s face it, 2008 was the year of Obamart and Obama street art. The art world couldn’t get enough of the nation’s first black presidential contender with a good chance of winning, Barack Obama, but 2012 is another story. Has the passion for Obama died down? Will the street art battle be more fierce with possible Michelle Bachmann-loving wheatpastes or stencils professing love for Mitt Romney appearing in Brooklyn or LA’s Little Tokyo?

The Republican or Democratic party primaries haven’t even started and Head Hoods has already lobbed the first grenade into the street art arena with these posters I spotted in Williamsburg this week.

The seemingly hand-painted Obama logo is a nice touch.
Not really an inspired piece of typography but it gets the message across.
At the very busy corner of Bedford and N7th in Williamsburg.
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