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Wand, clip from video for “A Passage of the Dream” (2016), animated by Meghan Tryon (All GIFs by the author for Hyperallergic)

A girl rides a bus over a dead planet covered in skulls, boulders, and eroded columns in psych-rock band Wand’s new video for “Passage of the Dream.” Animated by Meghan Tryon, the video fuses claymation with line drawings and paper cutouts in a densely detailed fantasy narrative.

It’s quietly post-apocalyptic, heavy on grays, whites, and blacks. Textured claymation beautifully visualizes entropy and evolution: Columns topple, marbled blobs morph into little aliens, clay men shed skin.

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Ennui everywhere. Our lives are just rolls of the die.

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We’re all just flickering candles waiting to be snuffed out.

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Shed your skin.

“Passage of the Dream” is off Wand’s recent album 1000 Days, out on Drag City.

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