Dakis & Koonsy are happy together but only one of them gets a t-shirt designed by William Powhida.

Trickster and rising art star William Powhida is at it again and he has partnered with the Brooklyn Rail to produce a limited edition t-shirt, titled “Howdy Koonsy.”

Best known for his drawings that question the absurdities of the art world, Powhida made major waves when he created a widely circulated drawing calling into question the ethics of the New Museum’s Imaginary Museum series.

When I asked Powhida what the shirt meant and why someone should buy it, he gave me a cryptic answer:

“I think the only thing you have to ask yourself is ‘what would an IMAGINARY PROTEST look like in an IMAGINARY MUSEUM?’ It’s a really interesting question. And just what do Howdy Doody and Jeff Koons have in common? We would like to help you answer both questions. All the proceeds will benefit the Brooklyn Rail.”

By the way, the t-shirt is available in an edition of 666 and you can be sure they will sell out!

Order it online and pay via PayPal.

All proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt will go to support the Brooklyn Rail and its awesome arts coverage. Full disclosure, I’m a regular Rail contributor.

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