Fans of visual art in the Crescent City should rejoice that there’s a new guide in town that will make things a little easier. Multi-disciplinary designer Erik Kiesewetter joined forces with three others to create a free printed bi-monthly gallery guide listing for the visual arts in New Orleans that launches next month, Catalogue.

“Its purpose is to help unify galleries and institutions spread throughout the city, helping people here and visitors alike to venture out with something portable and informative about openings around town,” he says. “To date, there has not been anything like this — and with so much energy in the arts, Prospect 2 and the ever-growing number of galleries, it stands to reason our city can support such a program. Other international cities have such a listing, and I feel New Orleans time is now.”

With the help of Constance, a New Orleans-based arts/literary journal publisher, the group is planning to print 3,000 Catalogues every two months and distributing them around town to art spaces, shops and points of interest. The first Catalogue will be released for September/October 2011.

Catalogue’s aim is to showcase a democratic and alphabetically ordered list of these galleries and institutions. We also plan on showcasing a special feature every two months, beginning with a partnership with Tori Bush of Pelican Bomb bringing us an essay and map listings of street art around the city,” he says. “Other future possibilities include public art, Film Fest venues and vernacular corner store typography.”

In an effort to keep their intentions “pure” and not favor one art institution or gallery over another, the group has started a Kickstarter to help subsidize costs. They are also asking local non-art businesses near the galleries and institutions to advertise in Catalogue.

The group is fundraising for their project on Kickstarter and they’re about 30% of the way there. Help them and the visual art scene of New Orleans by DONATING NOW. There are lots of great gifts to donors, but my favorites are the classic “Defend New Orleans” tshirt at the $50 level and a private tour of Prospect.2 New Orleans with curator Dan Cameron for a $2,000 donation.

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