5 replies on “Sun Ra Had It Right”

  1. Sun Ra was a Black artist of the highest order, not a punchline. This cartoon is disrespectful to his artistry and his blackness.

    1. A poor white guy and a singing potato wearing a crown – how is this “disrespectful” of anybody or anything … except maybe potatoes?

      1. It’s problematic to decontextualize the very serious words of a great and underrecognized Black American artist, and place them in the mouth of a potato, for the purpose of allowing a white artist to make a trivial “kooky statement”. Of course, if you don’t understand Sun Ra and/or don’t understand race in America, you won’t see the problem.

        1. I’m from Philly, and I had him on my jazz radio show, and I don’t need some smart-ass telling me what I do and do not understand. It’s a fuckin’ singing potato wearing a crown. The whirring and quacking heard at the end of “We Travel the Spaceways” comes from a toy robot with flashing lights, for God’s sake.

          Get over yourself and find something to do with your life.

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