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Once a year, Hyperallergic probes the video vault that is the internet to present a daylong series we’ve named after the 1983 sci-fi classic Videodrome. David Cronenberg’s strangest film — which is saying something — it’s set in early 1980s Toronto and follows the CEO of a small TV station (James Woods) who stumbles upon a renegade broadcast featuring violence and torture. There are layers of deception, a cameo by famous Canadian Debbie Harry, a McLuhanesque academic who seems to only exist in video form, and then there’s search for the signal’s source, which leads to new hallucinations.

Today, we’ll be showing you videos we’ve bookmarked for the Friday before Labor Day, when our minds want to slip into the last real weekend of summer.

The Latest

Michael Heizer’s Empty Empire

Despite his reportedly encyclopedic knowledge of the region’s geologic and mineral makeup, Heizer has displayed a baffling incuriousness about the larger story of the land he digs, cuts, and plows.

Hrag Vartanian

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