In a classic press move, the New York Observer has gotten their hands on the proposed new stockier design for Jean Nouvel’s MoMA tower through a public information request.

The skinny: The 78-storey tower will have 629,000 square footage (half as much as the Chrysler Building), including 96,000 square feet of hotel space (on the eighth through 13th floors) and 480,000 square feet of residential space (14th to 74th floors). The MoMA is still getting its 52,000 square feet of space.

I’m still sad to see the original design lopped off. This newer version, judging by the renderings, feels less dramatic and more corporate. Oh, Gotham, where has your architectural ambition gone?

The New York Observer has more images here.

h/t L Magazine

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Hrag Vartanian

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4 replies on “Oh Look What NY Observer Found … MoMA’s New Tower Design”

  1. I’m in favor of either one as long as MoMA gets more space to exhibit stuff, especially if they add more rooms of work from the permanent collection.

    I guess it depends on the details and finish as to how corporate the building will look when it’s done. I mean, it takes a lot for a skyscraper to look non-corporate when you look at it from street level.

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