If LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art thought street art was a panacea to all its attendance woes they may want to think again.

Sure, there were often lines around the block for the show (which was coincidentally free on Mondays thanks to Banksy) but the LA Times‘s Culture Monster blog crunched the numbers, which the museum was touting as the most attended exhibition in its history, and came up with this:

But the comparison between [Art in the Streets and 2002 Warhol] shows can be misleading since Art in the Street ran for more weeks than the Warhol show — about 16 weeks versus 12 weeks, respectively. If the shows were compared based on just 12 weeks, the Warhol exhibition appears to be the winner.

A show about a celebrity and famed-obsessed artist wins in LA, that’s a shocker. </sarcasm>

Though to be fair (and from what I’ve heard), the audience for the street art show was much more diverse (culturally and economically) than the Warhol exhibition, which is a move in the right direction in my books.

Hrag Vartanian is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Hyperallergic.