We’ve always been big fans of artists and creatives taking control of their own futures through creative funding sources but we have a particularly soft spot for Kickstarter, which has supported many wonderful projects we’ve written about in the past.

Now, in our efforts to support more DIY projects by the world’s leading and emerging creatives, Hyperallergic is launching a curated Kickstarter page that will feature art-related projects we think are worth your time and money to support.

You can visit the page at kickstarter.com/hyperallergic or by using the banner on the sidebar of this site.

Artist Laura Isaac’s envelope prayer flags for “Presents”

If you have a project you’d like us to consider including your project on our page, please let us know using our CONTACT form. We’re not interested in simply posting the project but we want to let people know why your project matters, which we may do with a blogazine post, numerous tweets or other means at our disposal.

Stay tuned for more projects but right now we have four projects posted that we think are worth your time, including the Catalogue guide to the New Orleans arts scene and Laura Isaac’s prayer flags for ArtPrize. Isaac created another version of her prayer flags, this time using envelopes, for our mail art show, Presents: Three Months of Mail Art for Hyperallergic HQ, last June.


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