Danes Tell Shepard Fairey “Go Home, Yankee Hipster”

The defaced Fairey mural (via Copenhagen Post)

Last weekend, some Danes beat up commercial propagandist street artist Shepard Fairey outside a nightclub calling him an “Obama illuminati” and telling him to “go back to America.”

Mural defaced (via Guardian)

According to the Guardian, Fairey inadvertently stepped into a political controversy when he placed a “peace” mural on a site that is still rife with conflict and in the process he enraged the country’s leftist anarchists. Since it was completed, his mural has been vandalized with numerous slogans but one stands out as perhaps the best diss of a Fairey mural known to humanity, “Go Home, Yankee Hipster.” Just.WOW! 

The Copenhagen Post mentions that the mural “opens old wounds” and they explain:

With Fairey receiving a 250,000 kroner subsidy from the city council – who did not stop the eviction and demolition of Ungdomshuset in 2007 – to paint the murals, many felt the work had a political undertone.

Fairey says the mural wasn’t commissioned by the government. He has also blogged about his experience in Denmark a little and we expect he’ll write about the attack soon enough but until then all the fanboys should know that he’s apparently fine.

UPDATE: Fairey has posted about the Copenhagen incident on Obey Giant.

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