Edward Hopper's bedroom in his Nyack home (photo by Carole Perry, all courtesy The Edward Hopper House)

Edward Hopper’s bedroom in his Nyack home (photo by Carole Perry, all courtesy The Edward Hopper House)

If you missed your chance earlier this year to rent that popular replica of van Gogh’s bedroom, you may now fight other art enthusiasts to win a much cooler opportunity: one night for two in Edward Hopper’s real, first bedroom. It will also be a unique experience to occur next spring, won through a public auction recently launched by The Edward Hopper House Art Center, the nonprofit that has cared for the artist’s old home since 1971.

Edward Hopper’s childhood bedroom, featuring a reproduction of Hopper’s self-portrait (1903-1906) owned by the Whitney Museum (photo by Simone Eisold) (click to enlarge)

This is the first time the Edward Hopper House has allowed members of the public to live in the two-story building since its top floor was rented as an apartment in the ’70s. Built by the artist’s grandfather, the building now has a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s also where Hopper’s creativity first flourished and where he produced many artworks until he turned 28 and moved to New York.

His bedroom window offers views of the Hudson River, which inspired many of his early seascapes; the strong sunlight that greeted him in the morning also influenced how he rendered light in many of his artworks. For a forthcoming exhibition, Hopper’s room has also undergone a slight makeover from how it typically appears to visitors : interior designer Ernest de la Torre and architect Walter Cain have reimagined  the space in period style, filling it with additional props after studying the painter’s early drawings and paintings of his bedroom.

Before you get too excited about a quick getaway in the historic setting, though, take note: bids will likely reach staggering numbers particularly since the auction is raising funds to benefit arts education in local schools and student studio space at the House. The online event ends on the morning of October 15, with a live auction occurring in the afternoon. As of press time, only two parties have placed bids, with the leading figure standing at $650. But aside from purchasing the honor of sleeping in Hopper’s original bed (size: full), peeing in his former toilet, and strolling alone in his gardens, the winner will also enjoy a dinner at a restaurant and breakfast in the house.

And for those with hygiene on their mind, don’t worry: the museum assures that Hopper’s bed will be fitted with a brand new mattress.

Edward Hopper’s bedroom in his Nyack home (photo by Carole Perry)

Edward Hopper’s bedroom in his Nyack home (photo by Carole Perry)

Edward Hopper, “Artist’s Bedroom, Nyack” (c. 1905‑1906) (courtesy Whitney Museum of American Art, N.Y.; Josephine N. Hopper Bequest 70.1412 ©Heirs of Josephine N. Hopper, licensed by the Whitney Museum of American Art)

Detail of the room (photo by Simone Eisold)

Edward Hopper’s former house (photo via Wikipedia)

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