Lets face it, Art Education is broken in America. Fixing it has become the personal mission of Matt Ross, the Founder of One River School of Art + Design.

In September of 2012, Ross launched a new direction in art education by opening his flagship school in Englewood, NJ, “one river west” of NYC. The goal was to provide his suburban community a world-class art experience that is almost never found in suburbia. Four years later, One River School has taught thousands of students and embarked on a mission to transform art education in America.

The company has created a proprietary method and curriculum for teaching a wide variety of contemporary art and digital programs to students of all ages in a state of the art facility. Students have fun, make inspiring artwork, develop friendships, and grow their art making skills along the way.

The school’s commitment to presenting exhibitions from emerging artists has established it as the voice of contemporary art in its community. With past exhibitions featuring artists from Mira Dancy to Shara Hughes, you can see that One River School has delivered on this goal.

One River School’s extensive suite of proprietary tools and training enables franchise owners to grow their business and change their life through art education.

Speak directly with our Founder and CEO Matt Ross, a pioneer in the creative education space, and learn about our business model and its unique offering.

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