Tracey Emin’s “More Passion” sculpture is now in the Terracotta Room of 10 Downing Street. (via

This week’s Required Reading is video- and LA-heavy for a lazy Sunday.

 On the problems of examining punk culture over at the LA Review of Books, and another piece from the same publication takes a look at the world in miniature.

 Tracey Emin has donated one of her works, “More Passion” (date unknown), to 10 Downing Street. She also admits she voted for the Conservative Party in 2010.

 Ever wonder how to take a photo that makes you appear to levitate? Now, the video explanation.

 An oldie-but-good video showing part of a large Jeff Koons sculpture, “Bowl With Eggs (Green)” (1994-2008), that accidentally fell off the back of a truck on LA’s 210 freeway last year.

 Steven Heller pays tribute to the Nike swoosh, which is 40 years old and one of the most successful logos in the last century. Coincidentally, designer Carolyn Davidson created it for $35 in 1971.

 Paddy Johnson asked if there’s an internet art bubble over at her column in the L Magazineumm, yeah.

 Byron Alexander Campbell is in search of an autobot aesthetics over at the LA lit journal, Black Clock.

 The evolution of the hipster as a hilarious five minute video. Btw, I stick to my belief that the only people who hate hipsters are other hipsters.

 Over at Vandalog, they’ve uncovered a video about street art in a very unlikely place, the young nation of East Timor.

Required Reading is published every Sunday morning, and it is comprised of a short list of art-related links (10 or less) to long-form articles, videos, blog posts or photo essays worth a second look.

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  1. Just what the world needs.. yet another artist making “art” of words in neon tubing.  Can I please get famous for this, too?  

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