Costumes inspired by Marina Abramovic, Sarah Lucas, and Louise Bourgeois (photo via @julia_geerlings/Instagram)

Happy day after Halloween! While it may seem like nearly everyone was dressed up as a character from Stranger Things at some point this past weekend, many people drew inspiration from art — even if such costumes don’t make the most spooktacular disguises.

This year, of course, had its fair share of individuals dressed as Andy Warhol, Edward Munch’s “The Scream,” or with faces painted with Roy Lichtenstein’s dots. But we also spotted some unique and smart costumes that impressed, from a Claude Monet haystack to a Louise Bourgeois with phallic sculpture in hand. And Bob Ross was an extremely popular choice, perhaps thanks to his show’s appearance on Netflix.

Below are some of costumes that caught our eye; may they serve to inspire you next year.

Incredible costume by @seemaybe inspired by the countless hours she spent volunteering for Fly by Night #flybynight

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Golden toilet seat ?

A photo posted by AndreaKarina (@andreaburgue) on

Loise Bourgeois is present

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Just a man and his canvas #bobross

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What my tuition is paying for me to do . . #bobross #halloween #costume #artistsoninstagram

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Halloween ? #bobross

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