Artist Leone Ermer submitted this play on Swiss artist Henry Fuseli's 1781 canvas, "The Nighmare." It's pretty frightening. (copyright the artist and used with permission)

Artist Leone Ermer submitted this play on Swiss artist Henry Fuseli’s 1781 canvas “The Nighmare.” It’s pretty frightening. (© the artist and used with permission)

We can’t concentrate on much else, so we’re going to liveblog all the images, memes, and art-related goings-on today. Feel free to post comments below or email us at if you have images, comments, or hot tips to share. Democracy is happening!

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12:10am: I can’t write anymore. This is too depressing. I will post a separate letter.

11:31pm: I’m in so much shock that I don’t even know what to type.

9:48pm: I’m in shock at the moment at the results coming in, but this GIF — ironically — captures it:

9:01pm: I’m guessing everyone is as stressed as me. This is going to go late.

8:49pm: Got these images from an election day art show by Cash4 & Smells:


8:36pm: If you want to see the #TrumpCake in motion, well:

8:34pm: The Trump cake is a slice that keeps on giving.

7:13pm: The #PantsuitNation says dance!

7:06pm: Artist Marc Leavitt sent us a bunch of his flag paintings for election day and I decided to pick by favorite of the lot (I color corrected the file and I hope I got that right):


6:59pm: No words, people.

6:36pm: We love you Dolly!

6:24pm: We know there are Trump supporters in the art world, so when artist (we’re assuming) Eric Blaire sent us this, he also claimed “you are deleating [sic] posts,” but here you are anyway, we didn’t delete it:


6:15pm: Rihanna got really meta this election:

6:02pm: Tyler Green gets in a zinger … for those of you who don’t know artist Cady Noland, check out this link:

5:55pm: This Truimp piñata (Hecho en Mexico!) is quite awesome (thanks, @Mmuseumm):

5:39pm: Just in case Trump don’t concede tonight, techie Andy Baio thought he’d help him out:

5:25pm: The whole is this politics or performance art thing needs to stop. It’s a tired trope and this is the latest addition. A comic by Emma Hunsinger and, of course, there’s a Marina Abramović refernence #groan:


5:05pm: What may be the “winning” cake being wheeled into Trump Tower in New York, and it is one scaaaary cake:

Though this tweet captures the tone perfectly. #LOL:

4:54pm: I tried to find this person after artist @mariuswatz tweeted this, so I head over to Union Square at 4:30pm and they were already gone so I couldn’t ask what these bricks were about:

I aske Marius and he responded:

4:50pm: Willa Köerner of Kickstarter shared video of an impressive augmented reality feature for a $1 bill created by artist Mark Skwarek. It features Donald Trump in place of George Washington, promising to sue “all of these liars” after the election:

— Ben Sutton

4:15pm: In this video from 2013 — on the occasion of the opening of an Oscar de la Renta exhibition at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum that included one of the designer’s pantsuits worn by Hillary Clinton when she was sworn in as a US Senator — Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour predicted a Clinton win this month, and vowed to put the first female President of the US on the magazine’s cover:

YouTube video

— Ben Sutton

2:44pm: Thanks to Kent Devereaux of the New Hampshire Institute of Art for bringing these colorful caps to our attention. No word yet on where to buy them:


2:41pm: You can print your own “I Voted” stickers; Slate shows you how:


2:36pm: Performance artist (he calls himself an “immersionist artist”) David Henry Brown Jr. stalked Donald Trump during his 2000 presidential run. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s interesting because it took place so many years before his recent campaign. The video is meh but maybe you want to see it.

2:27pm: Like father, like son:

2:20pm: This photo is going viral. Did the Donald think his wife might vote for someone else?

1:31pm: Some days an image says a thousand million words:

1:15pm: Artist, critic, and art historian John Seed sent us some of his election mashups to share, including these particularly relevant images of the two candidates:


1:02pm: 4chan has been a stronghold of alt-right sentiment, so you can imagine the schadenfreude of seeing an image like this today. #LOL

12:45pm: It’s pretty fulfilling to see Trump booed at his polling station in New York:

11:40am: Artist Brian Piana shared a sports-themed project he created for the election. The football metaphor is apt:

11:30am: Artist Vicki da Silva, who works with light (among other things), prepared this image and sent it along. Seems appropriate:

11:20am: Art writer and flâneur Antwaun Sargent just dropped a bombshell on social media (his favorite medium). Turns out he interned with Hillary Clinton … HAHAHAHAHA (love this pic):

11:01am: We’re hearing that wait times across Brooklyn are all over the place. When I arrived at the office today, all of our non-American staff was on time, while the US citizens were slowly making their way in (except one for one dedicated voter, who got up super early to vote). Angela, the early voter, says it took her 20 minutes to vote in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Benjamin says 40 minutes in Park Slope. Veken voted in 30 minutes in Williamsburg. Jillian took an hour in Park Slope. Allison said it took her 2 hours and 10 minutes to cast her ballot in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Allison did write us to say that even though the lines were long, she was “admiring the murals in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, while in the long line to vote this morning”:

(via Allison Meier/Hyperallergic)

(photo by Allison Meier/Hyperallergic)

10:30am: Artist Leone Ermer sent us a great mashup based on Henry Fuseli’s 1781 Enlightment-era masterpiece “The Nightmare” (posted at the top of this live blog). She cleverly hid her initials on the bottom left, along with a pro-Clinton message. Let’s hope this stays a frightening image and doesn’t turn into reality.

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