In the midst of voter despair, Twitter users have been tweaking the titles of famous books to match this spectacle of a chapter in US politics. Using the hashtag #electionbooks, people partake of the tradition of employing literary puns to describe the election, with “Not-so-great Expectations,” or some version of Charles Dickens’s novel, still being one of the most popular choices.

Unsurprisingly, this year’s titles, sparked by a call from BuzzFeed, range from apocalyptic to vengeful, with plenty of creative attacks on Donald Trump (or Trumpula). Several users could only explain away this election’s inanities with Harry Potter magic, or turn to Jane Austen to knock some sense into this country. We survived, as one user put it,  A Series of Unfortunate Debates, though most of us were left at a loss for words. For now, we can channel our literary giants, and only hope this will be No Country for Old Men (Anymore).

Donald Trump’s Future Biographies:

What Jane Austen would say:

Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuit:

The Surreal Election:

If Donald Trump Is Elected:

If Hillary Clinton Is Elected:
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