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The portrait in question (image via

A British couple who bought a picture online for £1,500 (roughly US$2,400) may have scored a portrait of the Post-Impressionist master Vincent Van Gogh.

The drawing dates from the 1890s and is thought to have been painted by artist Jeanne Donnadieu, who lived next door to Van Gogh in Paris. The work is titled “L’Incompris (The Misunderstood).” If this is the real thing, than it is the first full-length portrait of Van Gogh known to exist.

So far, it looks good for the amateur art collectors who scored the pastel drawing. Facial recognition experts at the University of Dundee believe that the painting has a four out of six chance of being Van Gogh, and the couple have even been contacted by Louis Van Tilbourgh, curator of the Van Gogh Museum in Paris, to discuss whether or not the subject is him.

And there’s one more detail in the painting that points to it possibly being of Van Gogh:

On the wall in the pastel, the words ‘L’Incompris’, meaning the misunderstood, are scrawled. Van Gogh was famous for writing on his own walls, according to experts.

The Grimsby gallery, where the drawing is currently displayed, has experienced a surge in visitors since they unveiled the work, according to the BBC.

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