This weekend, Hyperallergic will be in Copenhagen, Denmark to attend the Kopenhagen Contemporary Art Weekend (Sept 1–4).

Starting tomorrow we will be filing reports on all we discover in this city renowned for exquisite design, social democracy, environmentalism and — more recently — Mohammad cartoons oops, wrong Danish city, we’ve learned something new already. We will explore what this city has to offer for the art lover.

The art weekend is organized by Wonderful Copenhagen and the Kopenhagen Art Institute in collaboration with the 50 of the city’s galleries and museums. We can’t wait to see the world of Danish art!

If you want your news and pics from Denmark in 140 characters or less, you can also follow the Hyperallergic crew on Twitter, @hragv and @veken.

Btw, we admit to being a little curious to see the latest graffiti response to Shepard Fairey’s now infamous “Go Home, Yankee Hipster” mural.

Image is a combination of Kopenhagen Contemporary’s logo and this lovely Flickr photo.

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