Everything is Terrible! and their collection of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes (via jerrymaguirepyramid.com, photo by Jim Newberry)

 Man Up!

When: Opens Tuesday, January 10, 6–8pm
Where: Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art (5885 Haven Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, California)

Ryan James Caruthers, from “Tryouts, Boxing” (2015), archival pigment print, 36 x 30 inches (via Facebook)

Once considered strictly binary, more and more gender is being seen as a fluid spectrum that can be constructed from within instead of being imposed from without. The 12 artists included in Man Up! Masculinity in Question explore the relationship between masculinity and behavior, identity, sexuality, and biology. Curated by Roman Stollenwerk, the exhibition features Cassils, Marshall Astor, Pilar Gallego, Amy Elkins, and others.

 Photo LA

When: Thursday, January 12–Sunday, January 15
Where: The REEF/LA Mart (1933 Broadway, Downtown, Los Angeles)

Photo LA returns to the REEF this week for the 26th edition of this annual photographic art fair. In addition to the 39 exhibitors showing a diverse range of photography, there will be installations that look back at the history of photography or highlight work that expands the boundaries of the medium. Tickets are between $20-$35 ($15-$20 for seniors and students), or $80-$100 for the opening night gala.

Penelope Umbrico, “TV’s from Craigslist” (via penelopeumbrico.net)

 Rosé Porn

When: Friday, January 13 & Saturday, January 14, 8pm nightly
Where: Night Gallery (2276 East 16th Street, Downtown, Los Angeles)

The name Rosé Porn might conjure images of soft-focus, softcore, afternoon erotica, but it is actually a multi-faceted performance “that exists somewhere at the interstices of dance, cinema, installation, merchandising, music, and environmental design.” A collaboration between Toronto-based choreographer Zoja Smutny and artist Victoria Cheong, the piece creates an environment where audience members can remain spectators, or interact on a more actively engaged level.

Rosé Porn, image by Florian Kowatz (via nightgallery.ca)

 Jerry Maguire Video Store

When: Opens Friday, January 13, 7pm–midnight
Where: Iam8bit (2147 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, Los Angeles)

For the past eight years, the pop-culture obsessed members behind Everything is Terrible! have been amassing the world’s largest collection of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes, currently numbering about 14,000. Their dream is to build a pyramid in the desert to house this tribute to obsolete entertainment, but they need your help. This Friday, the Jerry Maguire Video Store begins a two-week run, offering nothing but JM tapes. They will also be hosting a series of performances to raise money for the project. The opening party featuring Rainbow Jail is free, but please register.

 Carlos Ramirez: Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros

When: Opens Saturday, January 14, 7–10pm
Where: New Image Art Gallery (7920 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California)

Art by Carlos Ramirez (via newimageartgallery.com)

Well before Coachella became synonymous with flower-crown wearing music festival attendees, local artistic group the Date Farmers were capturing the visual aesthetic of their desert hometown. Their layered artworks combined scavenged materials with a graphic street style, Catholic Mexican imagery, and hand-painted lettering, presenting a complex and fractured vision.  Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros, the first solo show from Carlos Ramirez, one half of this collaborative duo, opens on Saturday.

Theaster Gates, Hamza Walker (photos by Sara Pooley (left)/ Dawoud Bey (right), via Facebook)

 Theaster Gates in Conversation with Hamza Walker

When: Sunday, January 15, 2pm
Where: Regen Projects (6750 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles)

Theaster Gates’s upcoming solo exhibition, But to Be a Poor Race, takes its title from a passage in W.E.B. Du Bois’s The Souls of Black Folk. In homage to the influential African-American sociologist and activist, Gates has created abstract, visual representations of Du Bois’s collections of data. A day after the exhibition opens, Regen Projects will be hosting a conversation between the Chicago-based artist and curator Hamza Walker, who was recently picked to be executive director of LAXArt after a long stint at Chicago’s Renaissance Society. RSVP is requested.

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