Vermont College of Fine Arts has instituted a significant scholarship initiative available through the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Art & Design Education program. All students who enroll for summer 2017 will automatically receive a $4,000 VCFA Teach Scholarship to support their goal of teaching art and/or design at the K-12 level.

VCFA believes art teachers must be prepared and situated to play an integral part in the future of K-12 education; as such, the College is committed to the advancement of STEAM education, advocating for the inclusion of the Arts into federally funded STEM initiatives.

The VCFA Teachers Scholarship is shaped after the federal $4,000 TEACH Grant, which currently excludes students in art education programs. The VCFA Teach Scholarship was developed as a way to support and advance art education and to ensure that thre are more highly qualified, contemporary focused art teachers in our nation’s schools. VCFA’s Art & Design Education programs hold a philosophical mission that puts social justice, inclusion, contemporary practice, and personal expression at the core of art teacher development. VCFA believes in the ongoing development of educational programs that seek to leverage the power of the arts to transform the world.

VCFA’s MAT is an immersive two-year low-residency graduate program that synthesizes two summer residencies with home-based classroom observations and student teaching, leading to K-12 certification for licensure that is reciprocal across the country. Aspiring teachers earn their MA degree plus licensure without needing to relocate. While working with an inspiring faculty and a diverse cohort of fellow students, they build professional connections and a professional community where they live and work.

Along with the VCFA Teach Scholarship, all 2017 incoming students can also apply to other scholarships, fellowships, and fellowships available to for MAT in Art & Design Education students.

The deadline to apply for summer enrollment is Feb. 20, 2017. Contact Marni Leikin, Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education program director, at or 802-828-8553. For more information visit

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