Ben Godward’s massive 49-foot high sculpture now on view at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City (all photos by the author)

The Emerging Artists Fellowship Exhibition at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City is certainly worth the trek to Queens. The whimsical sculpture show, which launches a yearlong celebration of the park’s 25anniversary, was an excellent showcase for young talent. The diverse sculptures work in congress with the amazing view of Manhattan’s skyline to create an art viewing experience that is at once soothing and sublime.

Freestanding glass doors by artist Saul Melman

The exhibit has no specific linking theme, but does show how the artists, who primarily composed their pieces outside, were able to seamlessly insert industrial materials into the landscape. My personal favorites were those with a dreamy bent, such as Darren Goins’ detailed terrariums. Saul Melman’s freestanding glass doors, placed in the exact positions as they would be in a classic Brooklyn apartment, were a surreal way at looking at and through the park. Ben Godward created a quite literally massive achievement, with his 49-foot high sculpture, featuring gelatinous drippings resembling wet paint.

Darren Goins’s colorful and detailed terrariums (click to enlarge)

Jessica Segall’s poured-concrete sculpture of a pillow fort was not only an interesting use of materials (it truly did look soft), but perfectly placed in a park. Parks, much like pillow forts, are for children to play in, and her playful take on a childhood pastime is lovely. Joy Curtis’ sharp, steel casings were apocalypse-esque, and rather eerie when paired with the beautiful view. Hong Seon Jang’s architectural sculpture of a poured marble-like substance over stacked furniture was extremely beautiful.

A concrete pillow fort by Jessica Segall

Overall, the show is definitely worth a look. Some pieces are a little obvious (such as “Rock Star,” which features a boy on a rock playing a guitar. I really liked it.), but the overall experience of attending the show is peaceful, serene and lovely. Enjoy the semi-reasonably nice weather we’re having and head out to Long Island City for an art show that, much like Ryan Reynolds, maybe won’t make you think that much, but is sure nice to look at.

The Emerging Artists Fellowship Exhibition opened to the public on September 10 at the Socrates Sculpture Park (32-01 Vernon Boulevard at Broadway, Long Island City, Queens) and will be on view until March 4, 2012.

Jocelyn Silver is a 2011 Hyperallergic summer intern originally from San Diego, California.

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  1. Obviously the obviousness/genius of Don Porcella’s “Rock Star with Keytar” was overlooked. It’s central to all of Porcella’s work.  His work is tongue and cheek and as his first outdoor sculpture, I thought it was the best of the bunch – it poked fun at all the “high art” and was also the only figurative work in the bunch.  Great job Don!

  2. …and I especially like Nichole van Beek’s piece and had a hilarious conversation with her and some others as we realized its reverse phallicism.  It seems opposite at first glance, more like a plant growing out of the earth, but then again, it was clearly penetrating a mound of mother earth.  I liked that it managed to embody both directions.  And, the colorations are exquisite.  

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