Artist Brad Downey’s, whose project often involve hacking the city, has stirred up many interesting questions about society, time and ephemerality with his latest art project that excavates a classic 2003 Banksy mural titled, “Every Picture Tells a Lie,” for a gallery show in Berlin. What will happen to the work, which restorers uncovered by scraping away more than a dozen layers of paint, no one knows yet. According to the Daily Mail, the gallery says “it may be painted over again or sold to an interested collector.”

According to ArtLyst:

Brad lists the materials as “restored/extracted ‘Banksy’ Installation  (originally painted in 2003 for the exhibition Backjumps- Volume:1), red paint,” the piece is part of a show curated by Adrian Nabi called Do Not Think! Adrian Nabi also recently curated the Backjumps show.

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  1. What lies beneath is Brad Downey’s piece for the DO NOT THINK exhibition.
    It’s the restauration of a previous Banksy piece in order to focus the attention on how commercial a part of the street art scene became in those 8 years since the original piece was first shown.
    It plays with the thin line in between the message and the image, the logo and the content, what is still alive in images and what is lying.
    Most of the press fell perfectly in the trap of taking it first degree and just name-drop a Banksy.
    There’s no Banksy in the show, Brad Downey’s piece is a reflection on one aspect of skateboarding culture and has to be understood in the context of the show.

    The DO  NOT THINK exhibition is the result of a six month artists residency about skateboarding : the BISAR (Berlin International Artists Skateboard Residence) project.

    The artists’ work explores several aspects of skateboard culture, at times influenced by the environment created at the residence itself:
    Decomposition and the physical approach to architecture in the work of the video artists.
    The « Do It Yourself » concept applied to inventing impossible boards or offbeat presentations of drawings, conceived by the cartoonist.
    Reuse, readaptation and reappropriation of space – artistic, exterior or interior – detourned by the sculptor.
    The illustrator’s maniacal repetition of a trick.
    The composer’s sonic approach to the creation of a musica materica skateboard symphony.
    In front of the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien that hosts the shows stands the skateable sculpture Papa Und Ich . The piece, the work of English cartoonist Dave the Chimp, represents a father protectively embracing his child and sends out a message of joy and freedom.

    Andrea Belfi
    Brad Downey
    Jacques Floret
    Dave The Chimp
    Mischa Wermkauf & Matthias Leinke

    Chiara Santini Parducci
    Adrian Nabi

    The entire project is the creation of the Oxylane Art Foundation who mounted it in collaboration with the Kunstraum/Kreuzberg Bethanien

    Projektraum 1/Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
    Mariannenplatz 2
    10997 Berlin

    More informations:

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