The Friggin’ Worst of ArtPrize

The idea of ArtPrize as an “open art contest” sounds fantastic, hell, even awesome, but if you thought all the art was going to be good than you were delusional.

Enter ArtPrize Worst, the tumblelog. A selection of crappy art that thought it had a chance at the world’s biggest art purse.

There’s a whole lotta fugly in this blog. It already captured the worst of last year, including the artist who took the idea of erecting their sculptures too seriously, creepy Catholic/Disney-like scenes, a return of 1970s van art, dragons galore and puking mermaids, but it’s back for another year of artistic weirdness.

Btw, it is a website after all so you can also follow the site on Twitter, @artprizeworst.

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