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Susan Shulman, William Evertson and Ria Vanden Eynde at Hyperallergic HQ (photo by the author)

Today, we opened our office to three artists who are the core of Seeking Kali, a collaborative project by William Evertson (US), Ria Vanden Eynde (Belgium) and Susan Shulman (Canada).

The group asked to use our space to put together their limited edition artist book (9 artist proofs and 12 numbered copies) after 18-months of work that was done over the internet and through the postal service.

The long journey to this point began with a post on a Facebook wall and conclude with the trio coming together in New York to sign, compile and reflect on their acheivement. All of the artists are involved in correspondence art (i.e. mail art) — and Evertson took part in our mail art show last June — but two of them, Ria and Susan, had never even met IRL before two days ago.

The group put together a vivid collection of paper works into a limited edition black box emblazoned with gold letter that scream “Kali.”

Check out their blog but also peruse their individuals websites to familiarize yourself with their work if the project intrigues you. Vanden Eynde, for instance, has a number of blog projects, including The Body-Nothing Else, which explores how women artists explore their bodies through change. Yoko Ono has even contributed to the blog.

Thanks for coming by and it was great having you all in the space today!

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