What’s On the Menu at #FEEDFEED, a Meme Potluck

Bushwick-based artist Sarah Tosques shows off her "Double Rainbow Cake" during last Friday night's "#FEEDFEED" event organized by Man Bartlett. (photo by the author)

Last Friday night, artist Man Bartlett opened up his Bushwick apartment on Myrtle avenue for what he conceived as a networked pot-luck extravaganza called “#FEEDFEED.” A self-admittedly low-brow version of Relational Aesthetics, the event invited participants to contribute a meme or internet-inspired dish. The party didn’t only take place in New York as a simultaneous gathering was taking place in Sydney. People could participate in “#FEEDFEED” in person, via Twitter or by watching the livestreams online.

The project was Bartlett’s contribution to Portal, a cross-platform project that was put together by Janis Ferberg and Stephen Truax.

My favorite part was discovering the creative names people came up with for their potluck contributions.

Full disclosure: I attended with a Gimme Pizza and Gimme Pizzerelles … if you don’t know the meme, check this out.

Here is a partial list of the Brooklyn menu that I compiled with the artist’s help:

  • Double Rainbow Cake (pictured above) — coincidentally, Sydney had one too
  • Angry Birds (roasted chicken)
  • Bagetsy
  • Ritz Bit Coins
  • Hypertext proto-cole slaw
  • Prosciutto 3.0
  • Kil0-beet salad
  • wifi-key (for whiskey)
  • hashtag browns
  • Chatroulette cookies
  • Allow Cookies (there were lots of cookies)
  • Chicken Ki-bauds
  • Rice Krispy Tweets
  • Kalestarter salad
  • Mortadella meme (not sure what this is)
  • and, of course, Spam.
Sadly there was no iPad Thai, Stumble UPrawns, Sour Klout or Fried OKra Cupid. And here’s a general view of the table courtesy @jandrewARTS.



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