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The Bay Area is full of artistic hypocrisy this month. On one side of the San Francisco Bay, two commissions by artist Tom Otterness are on hold because of a tasteless art video he did in the 1970s, and on the other side of the same bay, a Palestinian children’s art show is cancelled because it pisses off a small faction of right-wing political activists.

So, what’s the takeaway in this? We can’t forgive an artist who was never charged with a crime and has apologized for the death of a dog, but we look the other way when children are trying to communicate the suffering they continue to endure at the hands of a foreign government?


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Hrag Vartanian

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2 replies on “Bay Area Hypocrisy: No Penance for Otterness, No Palestinian Art for Kids”

  1. And, of course, we are all supposed to “forgive” Michael Vick for torturing multiple dogs to death.
    Time to get over the Tim Otterness thing… and this coming from an animal rights supporter.

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