LA Art Collective Durden and Ray Opens a New Gallery

On February 25, Durden and Ray will open its first gallery with an exhibition that introduces the work of 12 of its member artists.

Image for Durden and Ray’s inaugural exhibition, Round Won (graphic by Alison Woods)

Art collective Durden and Ray began in 2010 as a primarily online entity, though they did organize pop-up exhibitions around LA. A project space followed in 2015, and this weekend, the group officially opens its first proper gallery, in the same building that houses CB1 Gallery on South Santa Fe Avenue.

Ben Jackel, “Large Headed Hydrant Elder” (2015), stoneware and beeswax, 34 x 12 x 12 inches (image courtesy the artist)

Comprised of 24 self-described “artist/curators,” the collective aims in part “to bring some of the best of the world’s art to LA, and to get LA art seen in more places,” as artist and curator Max Presneill said recently. Curated by Steven Wolkoff, the new gallery’s inaugural exhibition, Round Won, will introduce the work of 12 member artists; it will be followed by Round Too in late March, featuring the other half of the collective. The artists in Round Won are Dani Dodge, Tom Dunn, Roni Feldman, Jon Flack, Jenny Hager, Ben Jackel, David Leapman, Alanna Marcelletti, Max Presneill, David Spanbock, Jesse Standlea, and Alison Woods. At a time when mega-galleries and large institutions are dominating the art headlines in LA, it’s encouraging to see an artist-run collective holding its own.

When: Opens Saturday, February 25, 4–7pm
Where: Durden and Ray (1923 S Santa Fe Avenue, Downtown, Los Angeles)

More info here.

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