Seaport’s 19th C Print Shop Expected to Reopen

Starting in February, it appeared certain that Bowne & Co. Stationers would close forever. After they shuttered the doors, the silence on the issue was deafening until in May there were stirrings that something new was in the air as activists and the Seaport Museum showed signs of new energy.

Then last month the first signs of good things to come appeared when Friends of Bowne released a strategic plan outlining how the shop could reopen and cover its expenses. This month, the Seaport Museum received a $2 million dollar grant from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and now DNAinfo is reporting more positive news for lovers of 19th C. design and letterpress printing:

The new managers of the struggling Seaport Museum New York have committed to reopen the 19th-century print shop Bowne & Co. Stationers, advocates said this week … at a closed-door meeting on Tuesday, the leaders of the Museum of the City of New York, which is taking over the Seaport Museum, promised to “reactivate” Bowne & Co.

h/t @NewYorkology


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