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Dov Talpaz, “The border runs through the middle of the tree” (2017), mixed media on paper

Thinking about borders, and specifically the Mexican-US border. A Native American reservoir in Arizona lies on either side. What would it mean to build a wall through it, to divide nature like that? Borders signify morality. In Israel a soldier killed a Palestinian attacker after he was already captured and mortally wounded and no longer a threat. It was murder out of pure revenge. This soldier has received a lot of public support, and to me it’s frightening to see how the morality of a society (civilians, politicians, judges — so many support this soldier) has degraded from so many years of conflict and occupation. If you drive to Jerusalem you see the Wall that Israel has built along its border with the Palestinian West Bank, and it’s terrifying to see this immense concrete structure running through the hills of that magical landscape. I see the same happening here — society excusing Trump’s immorality because some believe he would be good for their own agendas and purposes.

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Dov Talpaz

Brooklyn-based artist Dov Talpaz was born in Bryan, Texas, and grew up in Israel and the U.S. Talpaz's paintings and drawings reveal his deep fascination with stories and the lives reflected in them. Recent...