Help Reenact a US Senate Proceeding at Gibney Dance

In performances held March 9–11, the Bureau for the Future of Choreography is asking audiences to consider “the choreographies of our democracy.”

The Bureau for the Future of Choreography (via

The New York–based arts group Bureau for the Future of Choreography is asking its audiences to help reenact an annotated US Senate proceeding. In a performance titled “1776,” which will be held at Gibney Dance this Thursday through Saturday, the Bureau attempts to “understand the choreographies of our democracy” — which under the current president seems increasingly threatened or questionable. The group, as its title hints, explores the unlikely combination of dance and historical documents. “1776” stresses, in likely surprising and illuminating ways, the actual presence of and negotiation between physical bodies in governmental decisions.

Alongside the performance, there will be an installation where visitors can read a range of government texts and phone US government representatives during a time when it’s imperative that we voice our outrage and demands. Visitors will also be encouraged to mark up a map of the country to reveal “sites of political protest and/or injustice.”

When: Thursday, March 9–Saturday March 11, 8pm
Where: Gibney Dance (280 Broadway, Tribeca, Manhattan)

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