Every summer, SCI-Arc in Los Angeles opens its doors to students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines seeking to explore the field of architecture from the school’s distinctive vantage point of hands-on design and experimentation. The Making+Meaning summer program offers participants the opportunity to join the vibrant design community at SCI-Arc as they work on projects to jumpstart or enhance a design portfolio.

A gateway into architecture, Making+Meaning lays out the ground-work for design as an integrative methodology and incrementally unfolds the principles of design language, design process, and design prototyping. During their four weeks, Making+Meaning participants craft a powerful portfolio by undergoing a series of design challenges surveying 2-dimensional representation, 3-dimensional prototyping and 4-dimensional robotic video capture.

Making+Meaning students have a personal studio space within the Arts District campus as well as access to the school’s state-of-the-art Digital Fabrication Lab, one of the largest and most advanced fabrication facilities at an architecture school. Reviews and guest lectures with noted architects and designers provide participants with diverse perspectives, insights, and techniques on problems of Architectural Composition, Representation, and Materialization.

Making+Meaning culminates with a public exhibition where students present their work to a panel of architects and designers.

This fast-paced program lays out a path of discovery, empowering creative individuals to advance their curiosity and engage first-hand in questions of form and space. This immersive workshop runs from July 10th-August 4th and is now open for registration. No previous architectural experience is required. For more information, visit sciarc.edu/mm.