Is this #OccupyWallStreet’s Pop Culture Moment In 4…3…2…1…

There are moments in all great protests that propel it into the mainstream, what they do with it is up to its supporters. Today just may be the day that Occupy Wall Street gets it’s moment, then again maybe not, but what seems sure at this point is that it may happen very soon. If not today, then in the next few weeks as unions and others start to throw their support behind this scrappy protest movement, it is bound it happen.

Even the Daily Show has started to talk about the Zuccotti Park protests, though the corporate media coverage has generally been awful, but I don’t think most people who have been following progressive politics for years are surprised.

Have you seen Occupy Wall Street’s  manifesto? Not bad. And their newspaper, cleverly titled, The Occupy Wall Street Journal, is a brilliant idea, not only because print is the new vinyl but because paper proved crucial in Tahrir Square too.

Let’s see what’s next … because I have a feeling that the protests are ready for the pop culture spotlight.

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