Editor’s note: Our reporter Liza Eliano was on scene this afternoon in Zuccotti Park. She has been following the story for over a week and will be filing her report from today later tonight, but until then, she sent us these images of some of the artistic going ons as part of Occupy Wall Street.

Ed. note: And she spotted this flag being held up by artist Jon McCarthy she interviewed on September 21 or Day 5 of Occupy Wall Street. We’ve juxtaposed the image with his original linocut print, which we published last week.

Liza Eliano is Hyperallergic’s editorial assistant by day, and bad TV fanatic by night. She recently graduated from Barnard College with a BA in art history and a newfound love for girl power. She was...

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  1. It was great to run into Liza at the protest Friday, there covering for Hyperallergic, because many of us want to see our own friends, colleagues, community there, to help validate our own being there.  I ended up running into several others I knew, and we all felt that way and it led to good conversations about our hopes, skepticism, commitment, questions.

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