“Fence,” Simone Kearney (2013), oil on canvas. 22 x 30 inches (image courtesy the artist)

Milk to the land    whitens

A horse might surely tread    A path

The wheat wet    A shadow-sun

A path might find a horse’s tread

Did I not promise, rise to this?

The sun    red

The bell    escaping

I am not surely dead

The carriage halts, the morning breathes
The carriage shakingly aware

The carriage halts upon the ground, wheels stir without a sound
The carriage drives from day to night, from dawn to dawn, a burning light
The carriage gathers thoughts lifts them to the sky as birds
The sky as birds the carriage leads, the sky as birds the carriage leaves

What became one became none

again and again an eye spots an eye

again and again a sea cries to sea

Oh are you near

who might be listening

again and again place the word to the air

just there

again and again the carriage will stop

and she will listen

Rest in its deepest states
we name slumber
And the field covers her
again and again

And if you and you are here then say itsay it
I am but one and you are many
Lights in the day    ringing

And a gate might open
To a gate

Might open

*   *   *

Jennifer Firestone was raised in San Francisco and now lives in Brooklyn. She is an Assistant Professor of Literary Studies at Eugene Lang College (The New School). Her books include Gates & Fields (Belladonna*), Swimming Pool (DoubleCross Press), Flashes (Shearsman Books), Holiday (Shearsman Books), Waves (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), from Flashes (Sona Books), snapshot (Sona Books), and Fanimaly (Dusie Kollektiv). Firestone is the recipient of the 2014 Marsh Hawk Press Robert Creeley Memorial Prize.
Gates & Fields is available to preorder from Belladonna* Collaborative and will be released May 15, 2017.

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