Anita Shapolsky Gallery presents Latin Implosion!, a selection of works by four 20th-century masters of Latin American art, Rodolfo Abularach, Mario Bencomo, Pérez Celis, and Agustin Fernandez.

Each of these artists seeks to explore the sensory overload present within each human interaction or experience. Histories of exile, repatriation, and diaspora transform the works into vehicles for reimagining the most intimate aspects of these contested psychic spaces. Each artist depicts their narrative through the gaze of personal mythology and visual language, with the physical and spiritual worlds dancing together within each frame. With Latin Implosion!, the gallery continues its legacy as a pioneering space for the exposure and appreciation of the lucid dreamers of Latin America.

Born in Guatemala, Rodolfo Abularach is best known for his close-up depictions of the human eye, yet his slow and mesmerizing abstractions evoke loneliness and introspection.

Cuban-born Mario Bencomo blurs the lines between the intuitive and sensual aspects of perception, with references to the animism of the natural world.

A native Argentinian, Pérez Celis was a colorist who blended raw emotion with piercing planes in a Neo-Expressionist style.

Agustin Fernandez of Cuba is often considered a Surrealist for his depictions of fleshy visions and fantastical metallic inventions.

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Gallery hours: Tuesday–Friday, 11am–6pm, Saturday by appointment.

Latin Implosion! continues at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery (152 East 65th Street, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through May 5, 2017.

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