Esteban Jefferson, LMCC Workspace 2016–17 artist-in-residence, at 28 Liberty (photo by Jonathan Patkowski)

Esteban Jefferson, LMCC Workspace 2016–17 artist-in-residence, at 28 Liberty (photo by Jonathan Patkowski, all images courtesy Lower Manhattan Cultural Council)

The New York art world calendar features a handful of must-attend open studio events — in Bushwick, Gowanus, Greepoint, and elsewhere — but how often does going to one involve exploring a gutted floor of a Financial District skyscraper? The answer is exactly once a year, when the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) holds open studios for its Workspace artists-in-residence. On Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, head down to 28 Liberty Street — be sure to take in the Isamu Noguchi sculpture garden and Jean DuBuffet statue in the plaza at the foot of the building — to see what LMCC’s 32 current artists-in-residence have been making since September.

As ever, this year’s LMCC residents are wonderfully multidisciplinary. Visitors will have a chance to engage with poets (including Amber Atiya and Stephanie Gray), collage artists (including Matthew Conradt), photographers (including Manal Abu-Shaheen), sculptors (including Damien Davis and Nick Doyle), conceptual artists (including Chris Watts and Caroline Woolard), authors (including Su-Yee Lin and Saretta Morgan), performance artists (including Laurie Berg and Tess Dworman), and more. If years past are any indication, there are likely to be some performances happening over the course of the open studios event, and some affordable artworks up for grabs.

Open Studios with Stacey Spence, LMCC Workspace 2015–16 artist-in-residence, at 28 Liberty (photo by Jonathan Patkowski)

When: Friday, April 28, 6–9pm, and Saturday, April 29, 1–8pm (free, RSVP required, and you’ll need a picture ID to get past security)
Where: 28 Liberty Street, Financial District, Manhattan

More info here.

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