Signs from #OccupyLA (all photos by the author) (click to enlarge)

LOS ANGELES — I returned to Occupy LA on Thursday night and discovered double the amount of people since I visited on Tuesday. Tents spanned across the entire span of the north and west lawns, many spilling out onto the sidewalk. In addition to media and first aid, occupiers had set up a lending library and press table for others to check out books and magazines. Occupy LA braces for big things as it expands its numbers and operations.

On Friday morning, an anti-war protest led by the Interfaith Communities United for Justice & Peace (ICUJP) converged with Occupy LA and completed its march at a nearby federal building. Shortly afterward, an unrelated visit from Dr. Cornel West attracted a throng of occupiers and cameramen in front of the steps of city hall.

A banner flown across the sky by an airplane read “Hong Kong demands justice,” which some occupiers mistook as a sign of solidarity from overseas. Upon closer inspection, the banner also featured a photograph of Michael Jackson and was clearly alluding to the Conrad Murray trial taking place at the justice center across the street.

Beyond formal actions organized by committee, occupiers kept themselves busy by painting signs, making T-shirts, playing music or practicing yoga. The scene in Los Angeles remains peaceful and diplomatic, and most occupiers would like to keep it that way. As protesters held signs along busy intersections, passing motorists honked their horns in support. For the first time, the noise of cars in Los Angeles sounded comforting rather than hostile.

Editor’s note: Today, artist Saber posted this photo on Twitter with the title “Occupy LA Flag”:

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