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Dov Talpaz, “The State of Self” (2017), mixed media on paper, 8 x 6 Inches

C.G Jung stated in a letter* that modern man [and woman], ‘can only discover himself when he is deeply and unconditionally related to some, and generally related to a great many, individuals with whom he has a chance to compare, and from whom he is able to discriminate himself.’

I think Jung means that it is very important to develop opinions based on our own real observations and questioning, to be truly connected to a few people so that they can be like mirrors to our egos, and to continually evolve our own belief systems so that they are not dependent on received wisdom.

Most of Trump’s decisions and actions seem to come from his ego and I keep questioning his true intentions, but personally, I still maintain the belief in the possibility of some positive, humanitarian outcomes from his presidency — an end to the immense suffering of the Syrian people or the reconciliation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

*From the book C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships by Miguel Serrano (1966)

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