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Tell Politicians How You Really Feel with Artist-Made Postcards

Every month, publisher Primary Information will release a new set of artist-made postcards intended to be sent to buyers’ representatives.

Postcard by Christine Sun Kim (all images courtesy Primary Information)

A new program by nonprofit art publisher Primary Information allows you to voice your concerns to your representatives while also supporting the arts. This week, the non-profit organization launched a series of artist-made postcards, intended to transmit to politicians your messages of disappointment, outrage, or perhaps praise or even encouragement.

Postcard by A.K. Burns

Each postcard costs just $1 (not including tax and shipping), and is designed to address the tumult of our times, with many directly calling out President Trump. An image by artist A.K. Burns, for instance, features the phrase “you’re fired” sculpted out of wire, attached to a pole anchored by a pale foot; Marilyn Minter‘s contribution showcases the President’s infamous “Grab them by the pussy” quotation, printed in black and gold.

“Like many of our peers, we have been using random postcards to send to our local, state, and national politicians to voice our concerns,” the non-profit wrote in a press release. “We feel strongly that the images accompanying these concerns should belong to artists, and we have initiated this series to provide artists the opportunity to add their voice.”

The 13 participating artists, who also include Christine Sun Kim, Kevin Beasley, and Tauba Auerbach, represent the first group to kick off what will be a monthly series. Primary Information will launch another round of postcards in mid-June “and every month thereafter for the foreseeable future,” as stated in its release.

The project is just one of many to emerge in the last few months that champions creative correspondence as a means of civic engagement, including artistic efforts to revive the more immediate transmission method of sending a fax.

Postcard by Dena Yago
Postcard by Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Postcard by Jason Simon
Postcard by Marilyn Minter
Postcard by Oto Gillen
Postcard by Joshua Smith
Postcard by Sara Magenheimer
Postcard by Trevor Shimizu
Postcard by Tauba Auerbach
Postcard by Kevin Beasley
Postcard by Jeanette Mundt
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