The Brooklyn College Art Department presents the 2017 MFA candidates’ thesis exhibition Commencement, curated by Heather Darcy Bhandari, Director of Exhibitions at Smack Mellon. The exhibition is on view from June 7-17, with an opening reception from 6-9pm on Saturday June 10 at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn, NY.

Through various media and thirteen very unique practices, the work in Commencement offers a glimpse into the concerns and preoccupations of our society as a whole. What makes these artists unique is the humor and beauty with which they approach difficult subjects. To talk about pain and gender through soft sculpture, or identity by repeating the image of a quirky tropical plant, or disease through delicate abstractions on glass, is to take personal, overwhelming subject matter and make it relatable. These artists have taken their passions and experiences as a starting point and distilled them down to aesthetically and conceptually rich work in an effort to create dialogue. Although this exhibition marks the end of formal study, it is the commencement of thirteen promising careers in the arts.

Featured Artists:
Matthew Benson, Yu-Tien Chang, Tammi Dow, Kenny Faith, John Harris, Clarence Hause, Zachary Lombardi, Cheng Luo, Benjamin Lyon, Tommy Mavra, Rose Nestler, Joshua Shelstad, Estefania Velez Rodriguez

Gallery Hours:
12pm–6pm everyday from June 7-17
92 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY

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