A screenshot of the Fairey graphic on TheOccupationParty.com.

If until now no bold-faced art world names have jumped into the #OccupyWallStreet ring, Shepard Fairey has officially become the first major artist to throw his artistic support behind the protests by designing the invitation to tomorrow’s “The Occupation Party” in Times Square. WNYC’s Brigid Bergin has the full story.

Btw, I’m quoted in the story and I’d like to clarify I wasn’t “wowed” as much as impressed.

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14 replies on “Shepard Fairey Designs #OccupyWallStreet Protest Invite”

  1. Fairey needs a movement like this to further market himself as an artist of “the people”. Apparently appropriating an image that invokes a Black Power sentiment in a movement that wants to be multicultural but is inherently white and college educated is what is needed to support the idea that the 99% is in fact a group open to all.

      1. I didn’t intend to state that the group of people at the protest are 99% white nor the idea that they are ‘trust fund babies’. I have been to Zuccotti Park numerous times in order to understand my relationship with what is going on there. For a large part, the talk about corporate greed that is most popular amongst the “horizontal” leaders of the movement does not address how the racist foundation it shares with colonialism shapes the very socio-economic inequalities that were the catalyst of these protests in occupying land that is already occupied. There are in fact many people of color at the protest, but a physical presence is entirely different than the movement actually representing us and allowing us to speak. There have been numerous instances in which people have been quieted from  participating in assemblies where voices were meant to be heard. People of Color working groups have emerged throughout the different Occupy locations as a result of this lack of understanding. So when I say that it is not open to all, I mean in essence that the language that surrounds most of the movement unintentionally leaves out the sentiments and ideas of a large group of people who are amongst the poorest of the country and in this city especially with the Bronx being home to one of the poorest Congressional Districts in the U.S. 

        1. The general assembly I attended last week was chaired by two women of color and there was a concerted attempt to have lesser heard voices heard throughout the meeting. The movement does reflect society to a certain degree so any shortcomings are those of society in general. I’m curious how you think that could be improved in the movement. 

    1. Yup, Zucotti Park is NOT a “trust fund baby” rebellion party, it’s turning into a rather diverse coalition. And WE DON’T need Shepard Fairey’s help, thank you. As a self described capitalist who has all his company’s clothes made in sweatshops in China, Fairey represents the 1%.

        1. Well, the movement shouldn’t turn any individuaIs away, but Shepard Fairey is a celebrity with rather questionable motives. Personally, I think he fits into the category of folks who want to “co-opt” the movement for their own benefit- such as the democrats. Fairey’s got a bad track record on how he treats his employees (I know someone who works for him for peanuts), and the fact he’s basically stolen other artist’s work -such as Ralph Chaplin: an IWW artist who was sent to prison for opposing WW1, his art was used against him in court- art Fairey put on a sweat-shop made shirt reading “Obey Propaganda”- stripping it of all meaning and demeaning the intentions of the man who made the image. He uses the same method as major corporations who co-opt tropes in radical culture and repackage it. It would be like #OWS collaborating with Nike. Here’s an article by Mark Vallen which describes Fairey’s exploitative practice:

  2. better representation of raza poster art done by raza http://www.dignidadrebelde.com/blogpost/view/318

  3. Fairey’s is not needed.  he just wants to sell t-shirts of his pic art.  i find his fad fading.  sorry bro your played out

  4. Oh, you mean Fairey has jumped on yet another social movement to further his career… and much like the punks and black power and civil rights figures he uses in his work and the photographers whose work he uses without credit or pay, the OWS people will get used to make him more famous and more money and will end up getting next to nothing out of it.

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