Yet Another Van Gogh Theory: Suicide or Murder

Maybe people are watching too much Law & Order, but the obsession with Vincent van Gogh and his ear, relationship with Paul Gauguin and tortured life are getting a little too much.

So, the authors of a Pulitzer Prize-winning bio of Jackson Pollock are suggesting that artist didn’t kill himself but was shot by two teenage boys from Paris who were acting like Americans cowboys … quel twist! 60 Minutes had a whole program on the topic last night and the video is below.

BBC has this to say:

On page 851 the authors start to make their case that Vincent Van Gogh was shot by a 16-year-old boy called Rene Secretan, who had a history of tormenting the troubled artist.

And the Associated Press spoke to the van Gogh museum, and their experts are still “unconvinced.”

How will any of this impact our understanding of van Gogh? Not much, we already knew he was a moody masochist or sorts.

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