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Rochelle Feinstein, “The Week in Hate” (2017), oil on canvas, 40 x 38 in (courtesy of On Stellar Rays and yours mine & ours)

Here’s an exhibition to soothe some of what ails you: yours mine & ours has teamed up with six other galleries to present a tongue-in-cheek memorial show for Roger Ailes, the founder and longtime CEO of Fox News who died in May.

Cindy Hinant, “Celebrity Grid (It’s How He Is)” (2017), magazine page, ink, and mylar, 11 x 8 1/2 in (courtesy of the artist and yours mine & ours)

In addition to masterminding the network that has probably done more damage to US political discourse than any other single entity, Ailes was an advisor to Republican politicians and a serial sexual harasser. The exhibition’s press release consists solely of a New York Times op-ed Monica Lewinsky wrote after Ailes died reflecting on his loathsome legacy. But the list of participating artists features a promising lineup of painters and sculptors — and David Wojnarowicz.

Some of the featured artists are very overt in their references to the current political situation, like Cindy Hinant’s appropriation of a tabloid magazine’s photograph of Ivanka Trump. Others take more oblique approaches, like Nicole Wittenberg’s painting that abstracts the façade of the headquarters of Fox News’s parent company, News Corp, Rochelle Feinstein’s ominous text composition “The Week in Hate” (2017), and Sam Jablon’s cryptic and searing canvas “Flames Hiss” (2017). Despite the exhibition’s subtitle, “Fair and Balance,” it seems likely to offer a rather lopsided estimation of Ailes’s life and work.

When: Opens July 6, 6–8pm; continues through August 4
Where: yours mine & ours (54 Eldridge Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan)

Samuel Jablon, “Flames Hiss” (2017), acrylic on wood panel, 60 x 48 in (courtesy of the artist and yours mine & ours)

Nicole Wittenberg, “Fox News 4” (2013), oil on canvas mounted on panel, 96 x 48 in (courtesy of the artist and yours mine & ours)

More info here.

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