Drawing in a Time of Fear & LiesWeekend

What Will Our Grandchildren Say About Trump?

A reflection on Trump, America’s angry zit.

David Scher, “left behind” (2016), ink on paper, 12 x 16 inches

The left behind.
“Daddy, the problem is………… Clowns are real.” Melby Grace
One day the grandchildren will say, — “this guy makes Trump seem like a great president” Trump, America’s angry zit.
The universe is clean. Dirt is local.
Bogus factor works like a sponge.
My utopia hates your utopia.
How will we be forgotten? That is the question.
Powered by arrow pointing.
Words versus everything.
The worsening is worsening.
Cling to the bummer.
The poet is an invalid of hope.
“It is exhausting smiling at one’s fate all the time.” – anon. flower
We put the ye in ye olde.
Harpoon the whale shape.
Rinse the plate shape.
An extension cord in the 18th century is a what ?
Rope, I hazard.
A mind is a state.
Read Hazlitt.
Pick up bottles and trash, note slightly elevated self-esteem.
What does satellite injury mean?
We live increasingly in a shrinking world.
A world cracked like a disco ball, thought the dancer.
Stop the world. I can’t get up.
The bad painter fishes from a lonely pier.
Give my piece a chance.
At the edge of the paper, non-paper.
Thought the eraser.
Engels deceived Marx somehow. Right?
Row row row row row row your arms. Life is butt.
I’d die a thousand times just to kick your ass.
You can hit me 10 times if I can just hit you once.
Muscle memory is not to blame.
Reality is still a matter of convenience.
Life is meaningless, thank God for money !
Look at the blossoms. Let’s go sni them.
Are you O.K. ? No, I’m Lassie.
OKAY êtes-vous ? No, je suis une ile.
What about Mr. Ed talks? Ted talks, neighed.
Coins are holes. Nature yields to the trembler.
Aspire to the condition of Walter Pater.
“I have no idea about the audience.” Derek Bailey
“Not one chance of one chance.” Anthony Kane
And listen to Matt Monro.

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