#OWS Arts and Culture Group Releases Statement Against Occupy 38

On Monday we briefly reported on the confusion surrounding Occupy 38, or “Take Artists Space,” one of the most puzzling developments done in the name of Occupy Wall Street.

A brief recap of the event: According to the SoHo gallery Artists Space at 38 Greene Street, ten individuals forced their way into the gallery on Sunday and were soon asked to leave after they threatened staff and stole property. This morning Occupy Wall Street’s Arts and Culture working group released an official statement refuting any association with Occupy 38.

The statement below:

We of #OWS Arts and Culture working group are dedicated to the use of non-violent action to express our right to peaceably assemble for the redress of grievances. The individuals who intervened at Artist’s Space this weekend acted autonomously, with no connection to, support from, or consensus with #OWS. For more information on the core principles of #OWS or the Arts and Culture working group, please visit



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