Films from a Favela Destroyed by the Olympics

On August 10 at Klowden Mann, artist Nancy Popp will screen films about Vila Autódromo, which was demolished to make way for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Luiza de Andrade, “Memoria Naõ se Remove/Memory is not Removed” (2016), Vila Autódromo (photo courtesy Klowden Mann)

In addition to being a massive sporting event, the Olympics are a multibillion dollar industry; countries compete to host them every two years, hoping to reap the rewards. There are growing concerns, however, about whether the payoff is worth the investment and who exactly benefits after the fans have left and the lavish new stadiums sit empty. Angelenos are now engaged in a serious conversation about what the Olympics will mean for our city, considering the recent news that the games will be headed here in 2028.

On Thursday at Klowden Mann gallery, artist Nancy Popp, who often deals with issues of gentrification and displacement in her work, will present five films made by and about residents of Vila Autódromo, a community that was demolished to make way for the 2016 Olympic Village in Rio de Janiero. They range from À Espera da Medalha (Waiting for the Medal),” a documentary about the community’s struggle, to “v.a. 4598,” which captures Brazilian artist Igor Vidor practicing Olympic weightlifting routines in the favela as destruction rages around him. The event will include a discussion with members of the LA Tenants Union and NOlympicsLA, which was recently founded to oppose the campaign to bring the Olympics to LA.

When: Thursday, August 10, 7:30pm
Where: Klowden Mann (6023 Washington Blvd, Culver City, Los Angeles)

More info here.

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