Drawing in a Time of Fear & LiesWeekend

The Dark Puppeteer

Vlad the Influencer has accomplished what decades of Soviet saber-rattling never could.

Phil Allen, “Dark Puppeteer” (2017), photomontage, 9 x 11 inches

Did you really never think, you Red-Baiting Fucks, you champion imbeciles, how a Capitalist Russia might possibly be worse than that which you pretended to fear, than the terror you used to fatten your insatiable military budgets and bloated weapons-money-filled wallets? Well, you’ve gotten your wish.

Welcome to Vlad’s Puppet Theatre, the main attraction here in the Semi-Autonomous American Region of the Russian Federation!

We’ve been Sputniked once again, yet THIS time the race was over before it was even noticed.

Watch in wonder as The Bloated Buffoon intones incoherent doggerel, and the Republican dogs of misery snap at the heels of the helpless.

The Master Puppeteer has accomplished what all the years of Soviet saber-rattling never could. Welcome to the voiceless future, puppets and pawns all.

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