A Concert of Protest Songs at LA Louver

On Wednesday, August 23, poet, songwriter, and Beach Boys collaborator Stephen Kalinich will read his own poetry and perform with the Los Angeles-based collective Divinity Band.

Ed & Nancy Kienholz, “The Non War Memorial” (1970) (image courtesy L.A. Louver Gallery, photo by Jeff McLane)

The past few years have seen one of the most intense periods of activism in the US since the Vietnam War era, as millions of people have taken to the streets to express their outrage over police killings of African Americans, environmental racism on Native American land, and the calamitous path the current administration is pursuing. Two exhibitions currently on view at LA Louver bridge this 50-year span, beginning with the “Non-War Memorial,” a 1970 work by Ed and Nancy Kienholz that features a black book on a pedestal surrounded by stuffed army uniforms strewn about its base like corpses — “an illustration of the stupidity of war, rape and carnage,” Ed Kienholz noted. This is paired with Ben Jackel’s Reign of Fire, a selection of ceramic weapons — from medieval armor to stealth bombers — alongside symbols of imperial conquest such as a bust of Teddy Roosevelt and a model of Trump Tower.

Steve Kalinich (photo by Lisa Thayer)

In conjunction with these exhibitions, the gallery will be hosting a night of protest songs led by poet, songwriter, and Beach Boys collaborator Stephen Kalinich. He will be reading his own poetry as well as performing with the Los Angeles-based improvisational collective Divinity Band, whose performances “serve as harmonious anarchy and as a protest against war, oppression and rampant profit driven society.” As space is limited, reservations are required; please RSVP at (310) 822-4955 or [email protected].



When: Wednesday, August 23, 6–8pm (suggested donation – $5)
Where: L.A. Louver (45 N Venice Blvd, Venice, California)

More info here.

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